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“I hope to encourage others to clear their preconceived ideas of what a happy, healthy, and successful life looks like by creating content to inspire simple, healthy, creative habits. Taking a lighthearted approach to change!” Natalie

Proverbs 27:19

As water reflects the face, so one's life reflects the heart.

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Healthy Recipes, Meal Plans, Fitness programs, Habits, & Routines.

Fun and Simple Arts, Crafts, and DIY projects.

Zero-waste and Minimalist Tips and Tricks.


NuRootz by Natalie Smith

"Wife to Ryan and mom to Grayson and Lacey. My greatest joy!"

Nature Lover!
Former Art teacher & Dancer!

I have a passion for the Arts and a desire to educate! I believe in simple living and small acts of kindness!

I hope that this blog is helpful, encouraging, and full of fun!
Natalie Smith

Area of Expertise!

Featuring research, ideas, recipes, and routines in the following areas:

Plant-based Diet

Yoga, Dance, Kids Fitness, and more.

Intentional Living




Featuring research, ideas, crafts, and routines in the following areas:

Arts & Crafts

Kids Fitness 

Kids Plant-based recipes

Intentional Living

Kids Zero-waste Ideas

Featuring ideas, arts, crafts, and DIY’s in the following areas:

Frugal living

Kiddies Arts & Crafts

Intentional Living


Sustainable Living

Plant-based Recipes

Home DIY

Natural Beauty Products


Featuring research, ideas, recipes, and routines in the following areas:

Plant-based Diet

Sustainable DIY Projects

Intentional Living



I have created a simple schedule for my two toddlers while they are at home during the Covid-19 lockdown. This is also great for stay at home moms to follow.

3 Healthy Smoothies Your Kids Will Love!

The perfect snack to ensure your kids get some delicious, healthy and nutritious food in their diet!

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