My quick & easy Morning Routine!

The idea of a morning routine with little ones almost seems impossible but it is! After months of trying to fit in as much as possible into my morning, i would give up or feel frustrated that i couldn’t do it all… I now see that as a mom of young kids, we can do what we really want to do but it will definitely not be for as long or as often as we would like. Once I had come to terms with this, I found a way to get a little bit of everything done in little snippets of time because i know that that is, realistically, the only moments I will have for quite a while.

My Hubby and I decided to take turns attending to the kids in order for us to both get some quiet time and exercise in before the day gets started . On days 1, 3 and 5 Ryan will attend to the kids at 6am and on days 2 and 4 at 6:30am. I will attend to the kids at 6:30am on days 1,3 and 5 and at 6am on days 2 and 4. We will alternate accordingly. Super simple and incredibly therapeutic. It is amazing what 30 minutes a day can do for your mental health.

On the nights that my kids sleep well I get up at 5:30 to get ready in peace and quiet. This doesn’t always happen as my kiddies do not always sleep well…

We give each other an hour on the weekends!

Hope this gives you a guideline and an idea that you could possibly implement into your morning!


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